New York Wedding Photographer Jose Melgarejo in Iceland


by Jose Melgarejo

Jose Melgarejo is a destination wedding and elopement photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Father, teacher, linguist. Ex-corporate cubicle warrior turned traveling photographer.

Jose incorporates an artistic approach to wedding photography with an energy that is consistent and calm.

Your Experience is Key.

On your Wedding Day, you can expect me to move with a calm and focused determination. I talk to people – I want to get to know them and I know it a bit of humanity makes all the better. I make suggestions for you and take feedback and I will never force something that doesn’t fit you. I create with you.

I feel best when I am helpful to everyone. I am your timekeeper and problem solver. I want to create art and capture emotions.

I make sure my couples get only the best photography on their wedding. On the off season I attend and host workshops locally and across the world that continue to stay humble and creative and connected to the community that makes this stuff happen.

Because I care. Because you’ve trusted me with something precious. Because I want this to be the best. Because for you, I’ve got a story to tell.


I see myself as a thoughtful and curious person. I am fascinated by people and their relationships and how life got us to where we are. I love discovering new places and learning local cultures. A fan of the city life but also the stillness of the desert and the rush of crashing waves. I live in the New York City area with our little family of three. I am a photographer but I haven’t always been. During the recession, I worked a corporate job where I learned a ton about how people value things. A few years later, I found myself teaching for almost a decade– schools taught me true patience, humility and compassion for humanity. In my spare time, I traveled, learned a few languages and re-taught myself how to use a camera. I photographed Jen- now my lovely wife, my family, my friends. I learned that I loved individuals and the personalities that made them unique, and that I can give something special through photography.

Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.

the Dalai Lama

I photographed my first wedding in New Jersey. One year later, I was holding my camera in the countryside of Spain. Weddings are beautiful. At their core, they are at once the simplest and most complex expression of relationships. A bond between two people. Their loved ones that surround them. The legacy and weight of culture. Honor and tradition passed down from generations before. I am completely in love with this craft because it is so humanizing. Tears of joy on young faces and old faces. Laughter and dance. Remembrance. Bonfires by night. Promises for tomorrow.  This is the stuff that makes life worth living. Worth writing about. So much that it hurts not to capture it.