Frequently Asked Questions

Friends, I’ve decided to create this page to answer many of the questions I am asked about wedding photography.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work.  Booking a photographer shouldn’t be.

I glad you connect with my photography and the answers below share a whole lot about how I work with you. Please read.

Thank you for your love. 


Where are you based and how will you get to my wedding? I am based in Hudson County New Jersey. If your wedding is within a 3 hour distance, I will drive out to you. I’ve also traveled quite a bit and we have three international airports in the area. No worries here, if there’s a road or tarmac, I can get to you.

Who will be my photographer? Me (Jose). For larger events, I work with my lovely wife Jen. We’re completely in sync with each other which helps incredibly when we’re shooting your wedding. We’re also fully insured as photographers in case your venue asks.

How long does it take to edit my photos?  Typically about three to four weeks from the day of your marriage to delivery. I do all my edits in-house- I don’t send your photos out over the internet for someone else to edit and so it takes just a bit longer to personally work on your images. I know I cannot compete with the turnaround of some commercial groups nor do I want to. I believe that there is value in not rushing.

How do you get me my photos? I send them through an online portal called PixieSet. It’s used by photographers worldwide and clients love it. You get access to the photos with a download code to save all the images to your computer. You can also share the photos via the portal and order prints if you like.

How many photos do I get? Generally, between 600-1,000 photos. It all depends on the size of the wedding and the energy that day. Some weddings I’ve delivered over 1,000 images.

Do you do video? Yes, I partner with a talented creative named Tim. He’s incredibly real, down to earth and shoots with the same aesthetic and consideration that I do. Video would of course be separate from the standard wedding offering and we will work out a discount if you choose both of us.

Should we meet before our wedding? This is completely up to you, but I would like to if you are available. It’s nice to grab a coffee or tea and get to know you and your partner. If you really can’t, I won’t take offense- we can figure all details out by phone, FaceTime and email.

Do you negotiate pricing? Yes, but of course we all have our limitations. Be honest with me and I will with you. I am a father and family man. Photography is a passion that also puts food on the table and diapers on Ada. If you’re working with a budget certain things help- some clients have asked to have only part of the reception photographed. Others were willing to have just one photographer. Though these scenarios of course are not ideal for the getting as many images as I could, they presented a compromise that worked out for both sides. And I appreciated the honesty.

How do I book you? Shoot me a message HERE. It goes straight to my email. From there, I personally will be in touch with you and we can communicate in the way that works best for you. I look forward to connecting!